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Our Team

We believe that we are stronger together, leveraging our time and resources for the good of our community.

Meet Our Staff

Rebuilding Together Tampa Bay is a dynamic organization driven by a dedicated team of over 25 professionals with diverse backgrounds ranging from construction management to community development. Drawing upon their collective expertise, our team collaborates to further safe and healthy housing initiatives across Florida, ensuring homeowners and their communities reap maximum benefits.


Integral to our mission are the passionate volunteers, neighborhood partners, and trusted contractors who work alongside our team, playing essential roles in bringing transformative benefits to homeowners throughout our community. Through their invaluable contributions, we strive to enhance lives and uplift neighborhoods, one home at a time.

Jose Garcia Gold.png

Jose Garcia
Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Garcia is presently the Chief Executive Officer of Rebuilding Together Tampa Bay (RTTB). He is responsible for all fundraising activities through foundations and corporations and for development of business plans and programs for the organization and to the development of the staff capacity... Read More

Brandy Canada Gold.png

Brandy Canada
Chief Operating Officer

Ms. Canada has military experience and has been working with FEMA and Red Cross for years, responding to disasters as Disaster Recovery Manager at Endeavors and, for the past five years in her role at RTTB, where she oversees all aspects of our long-term disaster recovery work and rehab and repair programs... Read More

Justin Coles Gold.png

Justin Coles
Vice President of Development

Justin Coles has been at Rebuilding Together Tampa Bay for 4 years, initially covering corporate engagement, he quickly grew to lead the organization’s entire development & marketing function. Justin’s fundraising capabilities and keen eye for strategic partnerships has helped RTTB expand significantly... Read More

Candice Cornish Orange Frame (1).png

Candice Cornish
Regional Operations District Supervisor

Candice brings over 20 years of expertise in the construction industry and a genuine dedication to ensuring that every individual feels safe and secure in their home. RTTB perfectly combines these two commitments. Her journey naturally evolved from her previous role as a Construction Manager... Read More

Rosie Agudelo (1).png

Rosie Agudelo
Community Relations and Advancement Lead

Rosie Agudelo's professional journey is marked by her deep-seated passion for community service and her commitment to improving the lives of those around her. Inspired by the mission of Rebuilding Together Tampa Bay: "Repairing Homes, Revitalizing Communities, Rebuilding Lives,"... Read More

Chelsea Bilger Gold.png

Chelsea Bilger
Grant Development Manager

With a Master's in Nonprofit Management, Chelsea Bilger is a highly experienced nonprofit professional specializing in grants management and fundraising. Her diverse background includes roles in operations, database administration, volunteer management, and event planning within the nonprofit sector... Read More

Chris Reesor.png

Chris Reesor
Community Engagement Administrator

Chris brings over a decade of not-for-profit experience to Rebuilding Together. His dedication to community-based projects aligns seamlessly with the mission of Rebuilding Together. Chris actively seeks partnerships to support neighbors in need. His philosophy, "Coming together is a beginning... Read More

Ashley Coleman (2).png

Ashley Coleman
Volunteer Engagement / Corporate Sponsorship Coordinator

Ashley’s connection to Rebuilding Together Central Florida stems from her firsthand experience with community involvement during her time at Rollins College. Prior to joining Rebuilding Together Central Florida, Ashley dedicated over seven years to the Armed Forces while actively volunteering... Read More

Milan Wilson Dusty Green (3).png

Milan Wilson
Senior Project Manager

As a seasoned Realtor in the Greater Tampa Bay area, Milan Wilson has always been passionate about not just selling homes but also building and revitalizing communities. This passion drew her to Rebuilding Together Tampa Bay (RTTB)... Read More

Amanda Powell (2).png

Amanda Powell
Program Manager Central West

After earning a degree in human services and interning with local non-profits, Amanda Powell gained a deep understanding and passion for helping those in need. She believes that everyone deserves to live in safe and healthy homes and is committed to being part of an organization like Rebuilding Together... Read More

Tampa Bay logo.png

Ashley Wasielewski   
Intake & Client Relations Assistant Central West
Email Coming Soon!

Bio Coming Soon!


Tyler Shaw.png

Tyler Shaw
Construction Program Coordinator Central West

As a home assessor, Tyler evaluates homes to identify necessary repairs, ensuring work can be efficiently dispatched. Since childhood, he has been passionate about helping people in need. Growing up in New Jersey, he witnessed firsthand the impact of housing instability on communities... Read More

Shawnesty Green (1).png

Shawnesty Green
Construction Program Coordinator Central West

Bio Coming Soon!


Brayden Bailey Dusty Green (1).png

Brayden Bailey
Affordable Housing Program Coordinator

Since 2023, Brayden has been involved with RTTB, primarily focusing on the development of affordable housing initiatives aimed at ensuring that everyone has access to safe and healthy homes. His dedication to this cause underscores his commitment to community welfare and equitable housing... Read More

Rebecca Hankinson.png

Rebecca Hankinson
Program Manager Southwest District 1

Rebecca has always loved helping people, and working with Rebuilding Together Tampa Bay (RTTB) provides a perfect opportunity to fulfill this passion. She enjoys being one of the first people that neighbors interact with, as it allows her to convey the organization's commitment... Read More

Tampa Bay logo.png

Mary Butler
Intake & Client Relations Assistant Southwest District 1
Bio Coming Soon!


Ariel Odell.png

Ariel Odell
Construction Program Coordinator Southwest District 1

Mr. Ariel is a tradesman with 25 years of experience in multi-disciplinary construction fields like HVAC/R, commercial plumbing, commercial electrical, and residential aspects of each. As a Construction Coordinator serving seven counties in Southwest Florida, he brings a pragmatic approach to repair, rebuild... Read More

Tampa Bay logo.png

Tony Ceresoli
Program Manager Southwest District 2

Bio Coming Soon!


Tampa Bay logo.png

Lee Bien
Program Manager Rebuilding Together Central Florida

Recently joining RTTB, Lee brings a wealth of expertise to the team. Armed with an MBA in Nonprofit Management from Regent University and over a decade of nationwide experience, Lee is excited to combine her passion for helping others with RTTB's mission to repair, revitalize, and rebuild homes... Read More

Stella Ramos (1).png

Stella Ramos
Intake & Client Relations Assistant Rebuilding Together Central Florida

Having transitioned from her past role as a medical assistant, Stella now serves as an Intake & Client Relations Assistant at Rebuild Together Tampa Bay’s sister office Rebuilding Together Central Florida (RTCFL), where her role involves directly interacting with clients... Read More

Leon Beckford.png

Leon Beckford
Construction Program Coordinator Rebuilding Together Central Florida

Leon Beckford, hailing from Kingston, Jamaica, witnessed the devastating impact of multiple hurricanes, igniting a passion to aid disaster survivors. Believing in the power of small groups to make significant changes, he organized contractors, corporate interests, politicians, and legislators... Read More

Tampa Bay logo.png

Ana Ramirez, J.D.
Vice President of Human Resources & Contract Management

Ana brings extensive experience to her role as Vice President of Human Resources and Contract Management at Rebuilding Together Tampa Bay. With a distinguished legal career in New Jersey, where she practiced Family Law, Criminal Law, and Real Estate etc., she offers a unique perspective and versatile skill set that greatly... Read More

Joan Ortiz.png

Joan Ortiz
Accounts Payable Specialist

Joan Ortiz brings over a decade of expertise in bookkeeping and office management to her role at Rebuilding Together Tampa Bay. With a solid background spanning ten years in a previous company, Joan excels in managing accounts payables and leveraging software such as QuickBooks and Excel... Read More

Samantha R.png

Samantha Rodriguez
Account Receivables Grant Assistant

Samantha has a passion for working with people, and her lifelong desire to help and serve has led her to be drawn towards working with RTTB. Taking on the role of Accounts Receivable/Grants Assistant, Samantha's people-oriented mindset and skills in administrative accounting contribute positively... Read More

Tampa Bay logo.png

Sharon Painter
Senior Marketing & Communications Manager

As a founding board member of Rebuilding Together Tampa Bay in 2000, Sharon recently returned to serve as the Senior Marketing and Communications Manager. With over 20 years of broadcast and fundraising experience, Sharon is delighted to focus on communicating the value and mission of... Read More

Keana Rmirez-Aosta.png

Keana Ramirez-Acosta
Marketing & Communications Manager

Keana holds a Bachelor's degree in Film and Digital Media from the University of California, Santa Cruz. Since 2019, she has applied her creative talents in marketing, social media, and content creation roles. Currently serving as the Marketing & Communications Manager at Rebuilding Together Tampa Bay... Read More

Rebuilding Together Tampa Bay INC.

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