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Rebuilding Together Tampa Bay: Gratitude and Partnership with Legacy Collective After Hurricane Ian

It was an honor for us at Rebuilding Together Tampa Bay to have a meaningful conversation with Erin Arnheim, the CEO of Legacy Collective, as we discussed the aftermath of Hurricane Ian in Florida. Today, we extend our deepest gratitude to Erin for her time and the remarkable support we received from Legacy Collective's Florida Relief Fund. In the wake of Hurricane Ian's devastating impact, we were fortunate to be among the recipients of a generous $5,000 grant, made possible by the compassion of more than 200 donors.

During those challenging times, the initial grant from Legacy Collective's Florida Relief Fund played a pivotal role in providing critical support as we coordinated and mobilized our response to Hurricane Ian's devastation. These funds became the foundation upon which we built our long-term recovery efforts across Central and Southwest Florida, serving communities in need for years to come.

Beyond the financial support, Legacy Collective's partnership proved to be an invaluable resource in amplifying the voices and stories of those deeply affected by Hurricane Ian. Their dedication to elevating the narratives of those in need empowered us to expand our reach and impact, ensuring that every person and community received the care and support they deserved.

The collaboration with Legacy Collective exemplifies the power of collective efforts and the compassion of individuals coming together to make a difference. As we continue our work to rebuild and restore, we invite everyone to listen to the full conversation with Erin Arnheim at, where the shared commitment to resilience and community shines through. Together, we celebrate the strength in unity and look forward to the positive change we can create hand in hand with our partners like Legacy Collective.

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