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Helping a Local Army Veteran

Mr. Paul Sampson, an 84-year-old Army veteran, hails from the heart of Georgia but made his home in Orlando, Florida, back in 1959, where he started a new chapter with his high school sweetheart. A devoted father of two and a doting grandfather to three, Mr. Sampson's enduring marriage, spanning over three decades, has taken a poignant turn as his wife, afflicted by Alzheimer's, now resides with their daughter in another state.

In the tapestry of his life, Mr. Sampson stands as a beacon of community dedication. Frequently, you can find him at the local food bank, preparing sustenance and providing comfort to the homeless. His own journey includes more than 20 years of service in the Army as a skilled driver, followed by a post-military career in healthcare, where he extended his nurturing care to fellow veterans. His dedicated service, however, met an untimely pause in 1995 when a stroke struck while on duty, compelling his early retirement. This stroke left him with limited mobility and a fixed income that posed significant challenges in maintaining his home.

Presently, Mr. Sampson's home is in need of critical repairs, including carpet removal, painting, and landscaping. In his own words, these repairs hold the potential to breathe new life into his surroundings and offer him much-needed respite, rekindling the warmth of his beloved home. Notably, Lockheed Martin, a company committed to supporting veterans and community development, has been a valuable partner in volunteering for this project, exemplifying their dedication to making a tangible difference in the lives of individuals like Mr. Sampson.

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