Community Triumph


What We Do

Between July 2015 and June 30th 2016, Rebuilding Together Tampa Bay volunteers completed more than 800 hours of service in home repairs, which has served homeowners all over the Tampa Bay area. From RTTB's Residential Repairs and Rehabilitation program to our Building Healthier Neighborhoods program, we are proud of the lasting impact that RTTB and our supporters continue to make in our communities.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for free home repairs, you must meet the minimum following requirements:

  • Property must be an owner-occupied single-family house, condominium or town home in the Tampa-St. Petersburg metropolitan area, but owner cannot have additional properties nor receive income from rental properties.
  • Applicant must be in the home for at least two years.
  • Applicant must be current with all local taxes, mortgage payments, homeowner association fees and assessments.
  • Homeowner's insurance. Some funders may require proof of Insurance.
  • Applicant must not have a reverse mortgage, mobile or manufactured home.
  • Applicant must meet one of the household income limits set forth by HUD. NOTE: These limits change annually.
  • NOTE: These limits change annually.
  • *80% of AMI. Amounts include gross income from all sources of adult household members.
  • Note: not all of the questions on the application will apply to you; however, your information must be complete and accurate.
  • Once we receive the funding to do the work on your home, we will contact you for additional information.


How to Apply

  1. Meet Eligibility Requirements
  2. Fill out Homeowners Application
  3. Submit to RTTB